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Rumah Mode Factory Outlet.

Bandung is a well known for its numerous factory outlets located mainly in the city center. Among the most popular factory outlet is the Rumah Mode Factory Outlet. Ask anyone in Bandung with your queries regarding this outlet, you will definitely get some answers. Some are positive - obviously they are the ones that love this place. And some feedback will be negative - perhaps they feel that there are better factory outlets offering better value and merchandise. Whatever the reasons may be, in my opinion it is a worthwhile place to visit even if you do not buy anything. I will explain why.

Getting to Rumah Mode is easy. It is located in 41 Jl. Dr. Setiabudi. If you are still clueless, then just throw away this address and tell the cab driver to take you to Rumah Mode - that is it. Any cab driver in Bandung who doesn't know where is Rumah Mode is not worthy to be a cab driver. Do remember to take a cab that uses the meter, otherwise you may be paying a lot more than the usual fare.
I would advise you to visit Rumah Mode during the day and preferably not on a weekend, that is Saturday and Sunday. I was there on a Sunday late afternoon at about 5 pm. The place was crowded with people and therefore the shopping experience is less pleasant - unless one prefers to shop with a large crowd. And also when I left the place in the night after taking my dinner at the restaurant there, I find difficulty in getting a cab back to my hotel. I waited about 45 minutes before being able to get a cab. The cab driver refused to use the meter - so do I have a choice at that time? To cut the hassle, I negotiate a price with the cab driver. With a smile on his face, he drove me back to my hotel knowing that he got a good deal. So my advice is that it is easier to get a cab during the day and also not on weekends.
Rumah Mode gives me an impression of a laid back cottage like resort. You see a single storey houses spread across the entire compound. The first thing that catches me eye was the rows of restaurant and food outlets as well as the small car park. As I looked across the entire compound, I can see the factory outlet as well as the fountain with the figurine of a beautiful Javanese lady. What attracted me more is the Javanese lady figurine. So the first thing I did is to take photos of it before proceeding to the factory outlet. There is a emphasis on greenery around the compound. But I feel that they can improve on it further to make it look like a beautiful garden.

Once I entered the factory outlet, the first section was the ladies section. I saw lots of ladies - young and old jostling and helping themselves with the clothes on the racks, shelves and bins. There are countless number of international brands to choose. I just wonder how does so many world class branded ladies wear ended up here. I was told that the clothes were either past seasonal or rejects due to QC (quality control). Anyway, it doesn't seems to matter to at all to the many ladies who were happy with their purchases. There is a section for men and children. In the men section, I am not able to see clothes with Size S (small). The clothes are mainly Size M (medium) which looks like Size L (large). As for the range of merchandise, I feel that it is definitely adequate. The prices seems to be reasonable too - considering that you are buying famous branded wear at a huge discount of more that 60% and more. The entire floor is clean and clothes are arranged neatly. There are many staff there who can also attend to your queries if you have any.

There is a restaurant there which serves Java coffee, fruit juices and hot meals. The food selection is quite limited but the atmosphere is quite relaxing. There is a mini pond inside the restaurant where you can see beautiful koi fishes. However, the restaurant seems to be quite empty when I was there. Perhaps people are too focus on their shopping and forget about food.
Personally, I did not buy any clothes from
Rumah Mode when I was there. But I do enjoy the having dinner at the relaxing restaurant and walking around the compound. I saw plenty of happy faces with their shopping bags, for them it is definitely a good catch and a worthwhile trip.

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