Minggu, 21 Maret 2010

Bmc (Bandoengsche melk centrale)

BMC (Bandoengsche Melk Centrale or Bandung Milk Center) is a restaurant in bandung city that stood in the Dutch colonial era. As the name implies that Resto Aceh street address at No.30 presents various types of beverages made from milk, such as milk shakes, yogurt shakes, whole milk or milk with different flavors and several kinds of ice cream. But other foods also lose cried loh ga, here also presents heavy foods such as oxtail soup, fried chicken Katzu, lead rice, roasted rice, curry, gado-gado, and there are also European-style food such as lasagna and Zupa-Zupa.
nasi goreng special Rp. 21.000
baso tahu Rp. 11.000
susu cokelat Rp. 6.500
susu strawberry Rp. 65.000
yoghurt strawberry Rp. 11.000
roti only you Rp. 6.000
three colour ice cream Rp. 12.000

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