Sabtu, 20 Maret 2010

Pasar Baru Trade Center (PBTC)

Pasar Baru Trade Center (PBTC) was called Pasar Baru (Pasar Baru means 'the new market'). It was a traditional market that sold clothes and green groceries. PBTC is located on Oto Iskandardinata (Otista) Street, Bandung.

In 2004, Pasar Baru became Pasar Baru Trade Center, a nice and complete shopping center. People loves shopping here. Bandung citizen and tourist come here to shop. According to a local newspaper, there are many tourist from Malaysia have been here.

In the weekend or holidays, of course, there are many visitors come here and make PBTC crowded. If you want to shop in more comfortable situation, please come visit in the weekdays. This photo was taken in Tuesday.
PBTC is consist of seven floor plus two basement floor. Visitors are facilitated by escavators and elevators. And I  also see many security guard in each floor. The 7th floor is park area. You may park your car outside the building, on the street aroun PBTC.

Let's see what we can buy.
Of course, many clothes available here. T-shirt, women dress, 'daster' (Indonesian women daily clothes), 'kebaya' (Indonesian formal traditional dress),  Moslem dress, batik (Indonesian traditional clothes),  jeans, kids dress, underwear, bedcover, etc. Just pick what you want and need.

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