Minggu, 21 Maret 2010

Dago Plaza

Dago Plaza is located on Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda No. 61-63 Bandung. Dago Plaza currently has transformed the concept into "Entertainment Building" we provide a variety of places to hang out young and the young executives.

 Several places in Dago Plaza :

* Cafe Oh La La (Restaurant and Cafe)
* Spice Village (typical diner Sunda)
* Long Horn Steak n Ribs (Steak Resto)
* TNC Tiramisu & Coffee (n Coffee Cake)
* Momiji (Japanese Food)
* Noodles Chopsticks (Specialist noodles)
* Red Crispy (Crispy Chicken)
* Klenger Burger (Burger corner)
* Joe Seesha (Seesha)
* NAV Family Karaoke (Karaoke)
* Barcode Pool Tables (Billiards)

Have fun at Dago Plaza is very nice because the place that seemed to have been designed by the owner to become a One Stop Entertainment Place in Bandung. Restaurants, Cafe, Karaoke, Shopping Place, Salon, Fitness Gym, Billiards Entertainment corner to the school for DJs, presenters and models exists in this Plaza Dago. Everything was a place that is appropriate for anyone who wants to have fun in Bandung.

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