Sabtu, 13 Maret 2010

Cinulang Waterfall (Nature Tourism 4)

Curug Cinulang is a natural attractions in the form of waterfalls located on the border between Regency Bandung in Garut regency, West Java
Despite its location in between these two districts, but is administratively located in Cinulang Curug Sindulang Village, Sub Cimanggung, Sumedang District , To be able to reach Cinulang Curug location which is about 38 kilometers to the east of the city of Bandung is relatively easy because it can pass through toll roads Cipularang.
After passing the toll booth Cileunyi transmitted through the streets of Bandung, Garut is relatively noisy because of road that connects other cities around the south coast of Java Island. At the time until around 11 kilometers Bandung-Garut road there was a sign toward the Cinulang Curug tourist sites. These signs of distance to go still about 2.5 miles to the east.
Arriving at the site, visitors can see two waterfalls are nearly the same height. The first waterfall is a waterfall "principal" that the flow of heavy water. Meanwhile, other waterfalls that are a fraction of the first waterfall, located about 30 meters to the west. Because the rush of water flowing in the second waterfall, a rare cause of visitors who dare to be nearby. Generally they prefer to play with a distance of about 5 meters from the pool or enjoy an abundance of water from the bridge over the River Citarik (water flow under Curug Cinulang). For the record, in addition to the waterfall in the tourist areas there are also children's playground which is located on the hill across the River Citarik.

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