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Jayakarta Hotels & Resorts

Jayakarta Hotels & Resorts 

Jayakarta Hotels & Resorts is a well-respected establishment classified as a 4 Stars middle-up size hotel management company. Currently managing 7 Hotels, 2 Boutique Suites and 1 Residential condominium in various business and resort areas in Indonesia. Jayakarta Hotels & Resorts have currently 1295 rooms under operation and 300 condominiums of affiliated hotel. We are enjoying the reputation of providing efficient and high quality or services which are the primary aspects leading to good occupancy and average rate.

The opening of new 4 and 5 Star hotels in Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Bali are adding new dimensions to the areas already occupied by Jayakarta Hotels as well as newer, lesser rated, but conveniently situated small hotels. Jayakarta Hotels & Resorts is extremely aware of the market situation where development of market growth will not as solid as the velocity of room supply. Remarkable broader alternatives in terms of elegance accommodation, facilities, services and competitive rates will be elements to which direction of the marketing strategy is geared to rapidly reverse the down trend whilst proceeding to seek out new market resources.

Jayakarta Hotels & Resorts consists of hospitality industry professionals with long and enviable track records in the hotel business. The company's “client oriented” culture facilitates obtaining results that meet and exceed expectations. The entire organization is directed towards one theme, delivering results for clients.

Jl. Hayam Wuruk 126 Jakarta 11180 - Indonesia
Phone. +62 21 6590101-02 | Fax/ +62 21 6598395
PO.Box 5024 | Toll Free 0.800.1821218

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  1. It's awesome resort in your budget excellent service, incredible stay