Minggu, 21 Maret 2010

Braga City Walk (BCW)

Respond height zest society Bandung on presence shopping who once lifestyle in town vacation and tourism it, PT Bangun Mitra Mandiri (Group Agung Podomoro) develop Braga Citywalk (BCW). This is a means of integrated retail, condominium and hotel area of 44,266 m2 with building area of 8553 m2.
Jalan Braga, since more than 100 years ago, known as a leading business area of Bandung. Strategic location that is easy accessible from every corner of the city, Jalan Braga became a beautiful place.
BCW is located right in the center of the city of Bandung is famous for its colonial buildings. Facing the development and business competition in the city of Bandung, BCW presents the concept of the Arcade, the shopping atmosphere with open spaces such as shopping at the side of the road. The management also provides a wide corridors and open for visitors to enjoy the shops along the corridor.
To increase the comfort of visitors, BCW Art Deco architecture also provides Atrium facilities, ie public areas are spacious and the nuances of the park's unique design, as a place to hang-out for visitors, especially young children and the executive.
As a mixed-used development, first in the city of Bandung, Braga Citywalk equipped with accommodation facility with the name Aston consisting of 161 residential units and facilities under the name Braga Citywalk Apartments consisting of 154 units. Each tower stood on the 17th floor.

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