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Geulis Bandung Hotels

Geulis Bandung Hotels

Consistent with the name, Geulis, which means beautiful. Beautiful rooms and friendly service of its staff. I think it's physical exterior is not as pretty as the interior room. Obviously my experience is just
until Standard Room (because the grand suite's very expensive).

For room rates in publishing:
Standard room IDR 825.000 net

Grand Suite 1 IDR 2,500,000 net

Grand Suite 2 IDR 2,200,000 net

Family Room IDR 1,350,000 net

Location of the hotel was also really nice because it is close to shopping, Bandung (in dago so loj). I think it's just, this beautiful room it should be enjoyed. Because very comfortable.
Even when there are guests who visit the room we were still unaccounted comfortable because there is such a pillar / barrier between the space sofa bed with his space. Were indistinguishable from the floor with carpet and wood floors.

For swimming pool .... Oh how yes, the swimming pool very small tuh. Maybe only 2 times already reached the end of paddle pool on the other side. So areas that share a swimming pool area with fitness room. But if you want to create a small private ceremony with a number of participants 10-15 people, maybe this area could be used. Not bad loh due to the entrance to this area like walking into a different room. Outdoor but private.

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